Teddies at The New Zealand Agricultural Show 2023

Teddies at The New Zealand Agricultural Show 2023

Last week Alison hopped over to Christchurch, where she dedicated three days to showcasing Tambo Teddies NZ at the New Zealand Agricultural Show. From Wednesday to Friday, she enthusiastically promoted the charms of our exquisite sheepskin teddy bears to the Kiwi crowd, resulting in many taking home a Tambo Teddy to cherish.

The show, a grand event featuring abundant entertainment, competitions, trade shows, market stalls, and a celebration of New Zealand agriculture, drew a significant audience. Alison’s mother, residing in Christchurch, rallied friends and family to assist in managing the stall. Despite encountering variable weather reminiscent of Melbourne, with all four seasons experienced in a single day, the bustling days saw a constant flow of visitors. The popularity of the event led to the organizers having to close the car park on the final day due to the overwhelming attendance.

A highlight of our Teddies display was Mr Stockman, the beloved Rumleigh Roy bear number 67411, who garnered attention as a show giveaway. Passers-by were eager to enter for a chance to win, and the fortunate recipient, Nicole from St Albans, plans to gift this adorable bear as a Christmas present for her little boy. Nicole, a well-deserving winner, had spent considerable time admiring the bears, struggling to decide which one to select.

Despite the busy schedule, Alison, supported by a roster of enthusiastic helpers, managed to explore the show.  This year’s sheep pavilion boasted a dedicated display promoting the wonders of wool and its numerous benefits.  Within this exhibit, Alison had the opportunity to closely encounter beautiful Dorper sheep, remarkably similar to our stuffed dorper lambos.

The Christchurch Show boasted captivating events such as the grand parade, wood chopping, dog trials, and horse events. The sheer spectacle made it challenging to tear oneself away from the excitement and return to work at the Teddies stall.

Overall, those three days were fantastic for promoting Tambo Teddies NZ and reconnecting with old friends and family who manage to find us and visit our stand. It was a delightful blend of work and catching up.

We hope to see you next year at the Christchurch Show!