Tambo Teddies Expands Its Flock

Tambo Teddies Expands Its Flock

Tambo, a little Outback town known for its warm hospitality and unique attractions, has just become even more enticing thanks to a new partnership between two local attractions: Ben’s Chicken Racing and Tambo Teddies.

Tambo Teddies, renowned for their handcrafted sheepskin teddy bears, has ventured into uncharted territory by introducing a vibrant new range of cuddly companions: Ben’s Hens. These colourful chickens, inspired by the feathered racers from Ben’s Chicken Racing, are set to capture the hearts of locals and visitors alike.

Just like their counterparts, each Ben’s Hen boasts a distinctive name reflecting their colorful nature; from Barcoo Blue to Ginja Ninja and Bumblebee, they’re all there! These bright woolly chooks beautifully mirror the spirited atmosphere of Ben’s Chicken Racing events, which has become synonymous with laughter and excitement in Tambo.

But what exactly prompted this unexpected collaboration between Ben’s Chicken Racing and Tambo Teddies? It’s a story that perfectly encapsulates the essence of community spirit and entrepreneurial ingenuity.

For the past six years, Ben’s Chicken Racing has entertained crowds with its hilarious races, where trained chickens dash to the finish line in pursuit of a motorised toy car. Ben Casey of Ben’s Chicken Racing fame, expressed his enthusiasm for the new collaboration, stating, “It’s fantastic to be involved and to be linked with such a Tambo icon.”’

Tambo Teddies has literally put Tambo on the map. For over thirty years the business has captured imaginations worldwide with their adorable handmade teddy bears, each a testament to the town and the region’s wool industry heritage.

Recognizing the potential to showcase Tambo’s unique charm on a larger stage, these two local entities have joined forces. The result? A delightful blend of poultry prowess and cuddly companionship that celebrates the essence of the Outback. Ben’s Chicken Racing supports the Little Windmills Charity, and Tambo Teddies will continue this tradition by donating a portion of proceeds from every woolly chook they sell.

Together, Ben’s Chicken Racing and Tambo Teddies are on a mission to spread the word far and wide, inviting travellers from across the country to experience the magic of Tambo for themselves. Co-owner of Tambo Teddies, Tammy Johnson, expressed the importance of community collaboration, stating, ” Tambo is our hometown, and it’s essential we all work together to attract visitors to our region.”

With Ben’s Chicken Racing and Tambo Teddies leading the charge, the future of this vibrant town has never looked brighter.  Visitors to the town can take home a piece of Tambo’s vibrant culture as Ben’s Hens sit perched on the shelves alongside Tambo Teddies’ traditional offerings.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a curious soul in search of new horizons, why not embark on a journey to Tambo? Discover the joy of Ben’s Hens and the timeless charm of Tambo Teddies and immerse yourself in Outback Australia like never before.