The Birth of our Famous Teddy Bears.

Back in 1992 wool prices had crashed, the shearing industry was declining, and Outback Queensland was in the grip of a drought. The community of Tambo were challenged to come up with new industry to sustain the economy of their little town. After a brain storming session three women decided they could help the district by making unique teddy bears from sheepskin.

Popular opinion said it wouldn’t work, but after many laughs, they chose to bite the bullet. After many frustrating months of designing and planning, the first Tambo Teddies hit the market in February 1993.

Today, Tambo Teddies take pride of place in homes all over the world. These famous teddy bears have made the little town of Tambo the ‘outback Teddy capital of Australia’.

The Next Chapter

In 2014, Tammy and Alison took over the business and set off on their Tambo Teddies adventure.

Under their management the business has grown, expanding production with a regional sewing hub in Toowoomba. These beautiful teddies have attracted national and state-wide attention in Australia. 

The company has won a national competition, state awards and Tambo Teddies have been given as gifts to Royalty, Premiers and Ministers.

Always looking for their next adventure, the duo has set their sights across the ditch determined on sharing these beautiful bears with New Zealanders.

Tambo Teddies are just too good to be kept just in Australia, and the pair didn’t consider there is a better place to start their global journey than in New Zealand.

Tammy Johnson

“From the very beginning Tambo Teddies have been travelling the globe – with families on holidays, as gifts for loved ones and even passed down through the generations.  We have always had a direct tie to our NZ neighbours through the skins we use to make our beautiful bears and thought New Zealanders would love them as much as we do.  So here we come NZ!”

Alison Shaw

“Opening our beautiful bears to the New Zealand market is so exciting! As an ex-pat Kiwi (although my passport still has a silver fern on it) I am delighted to be expanding our business into NZ. I have lived in Tambo and Australia for over thirty years, but I do still call New Zealand home. I love visiting my favourite place, the Marlborough Sounds, each year and as we grow our business in New Zealand we will have a good excuse to come more often!

 I am looking forward to introducing Tammy and her family to beautiful New Zealand.”