Tambo Teddies – sustainably yours!

Tambo Teddies - sustainably yours!

At Tambo Teddies, we’re not just crafting teddy bears, we are creating family legacies and traditions.

We are acutely aware of the quantity of toys and clothing that is dumped into landfill every year and the effects that microplastics and other pollutants are having in our natural habitats and waterways.
We’ve aim to implement eco-friendly practices in everything we do, making us stand out in the toy manufacturing industry. From the inception of our brand, sustainability has been at the heart of everything we do.

Our commitment begins with the materials we choose. We opt for natural, biodegradable fibres like sheepskin, soft cotton, wool, and suede. These materials not only ensure the comfort and quality of our teddy bears but also minimize our ecological footprint.

But it doesn’t stop there. Our dedication extends to our stuffing, which finds new life through recycled plastic sourced from discarded milk bottles. By giving these materials a second chance, we’re reducing waste and championing the principles of circular economy.

Tambo Teddy Bears are lovingly crafted in our Toowoomba regional sewing Hub, where we ensure fair labour practices, workplace safety, and employee well-being.

At Teddies, quality isn’t just a goal; it’s our standard. Each Tambo Teddy Bear is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. Handcrafted with love and attention to detail, our bears are made to be cherished for generations, not discarded after a season.

Even our packaging, labels, and tags are part of our sustainability journey. Crafted from biodegradable materials, they serve as a reminder of our responsibility to the planet and our commitment to leaving a positive legacy for future generations.

At Tambo Teddies, integrity, accountability, and excellence aren’t just buzzwords; they’re guiding principles that shape everything we do. When you buy your loved one a Tambo Teddy you are joining us on our journey towards a more sustainable future. Visit our website to learn more www.tamboteddies.co.nz