Tambo Teddies – sustainably yours!

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Tambo Teddies - sustainably yours! At Tambo Teddies, we’re not just crafting teddy bears, we are creating family legacies and traditions. We are acutely aware of the quantity of toys and clothing that is dumped into landfill every year and the effects that microplastics and other pollutants are having in our natural habitats [...]

Our Favourite Tambo Teddy Bears

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Our Favourite Tambo Teddy Bears We couldn’t be a teddy bear manufacturer if we didn’t love teddy bears! Same goes for our staff….who would want to make and sell teddy bears if they didn’t hold a special place in your heart? Our Tambo Teddies are all individual and unique, every bear is different. [...]

Looking Back at 2023

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Looking Back at 2023 As the year draws to a close, it prompts us to reflect before embarking on the next twelve months. 2023 proved to be a busy time for Tambo Teddies! Marking our thirtieth anniversary was a whirlwind. Our decision to craft a jointed bear as our limited-edition birthday bear proved problematic. We [...]

At Tambo Teddies – we care about the environment.

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At Tambo Teddies – we care about the environment. At Tambo Teddies we care about the environment and are committed to ensuring our manufacturing processes are as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. Core to our commitment is our use of sheepskin, sheepskin is a sustainable product. Renewable and biodegradable, sheepskin is a natural material [...]

Tambo Teddies: Where Cuddles and Creativity Come Together

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Tambo Teddies: Where Cuddles and Creativity Come Together In a world of mass-produced toys, there’s something truly special about handmade treasures that exude warmth, charm, and a touch of nostalgia. Tambo Teddies capture the essence of artisanal craftsmanship and offer a unique companion who just love cuddles. In the charming town of Tambo, nestled [...]

The Art of Teddy Bear Making

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The Art of Teddy Bear Making Crafting a teddy bear is an art, and crafting a sheepskin teddy bear requires talent. Many visitors to the store reflect on the teddy bears they have created from fabrics such as synthetic fur, but also velour, denim, cotton, satin, and canvas. Our sewers are all very talented, [...]

Thirty Years of Teddy Bears

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Thiry Years of Teddy Bears Tambo Teddies - who would have thought thirty years ago that a little throw away idea would grow into the widely loved business it is today? Back in 1992, the suggestion to create sheepskin teddy bears was tossed around in a workshop at the Tambo Shire Hall in [...]

Don’t feed the bears, they are already stuffed!

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Don’t feed the bears, they are already stuffed! And they are stuffed with something good, not only LOVE but with recycled plastic bottles! At Tambo Teddies it is important to work with honest and sustainable materials to create our Teddies. We stuff our Teddies with recycled milk bottles. This contributes to the re-use of [...]

We care about your safety at Tambo Teddies.

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We care about your safety at Tambo Teddies. To ensure our products are safe for all ages they  must undergo rigorous testing.  Five samples of each product is sent overseas to a QIMA testing facility in Hong Kong. QIMA is the leading provider of supply chain compliance with an on-the-ground presence in 85 countries. [...]

It’s a Teddy Bear Shop!

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'It's a Teddy Bear Shop!' visitors to Tambo exclaim. Travellers are a bit bemused by a teddy bear shop in the middle of a tiny Outback Queensland town in Australia. And seriously, what is the go with these teddy bears? Tambo Teddies has been operating for twenty-seven years, seven years under the current ownership. [...]