Looking Back at 2023

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Looking Back at 2023 As the year draws to a close, it prompts us to reflect before embarking on the next twelve months. 2023 proved to be a busy time for Tambo Teddies! Marking our thirtieth anniversary was a whirlwind. Our decision to craft a jointed bear as our limited-edition birthday bear proved problematic. We [...]

Teddies at The New Zealand Agricultural Show 2023

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Teddies at The New Zealand Agricultural Show 2023 Last week Alison hopped over to Christchurch, where she dedicated three days to showcasing Tambo Teddies NZ at the New Zealand Agricultural Show. From Wednesday to Friday, she enthusiastically promoted the charms of our exquisite sheepskin teddy bears to the Kiwi crowd, resulting in many taking [...]

Tambo Teddies: Where Cuddles and Creativity Come Together

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Tambo Teddies: Where Cuddles and Creativity Come Together In a world of mass-produced toys, there’s something truly special about handmade treasures that exude warmth, charm, and a touch of nostalgia. Tambo Teddies capture the essence of artisanal craftsmanship and offer a unique companion who just love cuddles. In the charming town of Tambo, nestled [...]

Stewart – Our Kiwi Cousin

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Hey Stewart, welcome to the Tambo Teddies family!Hailing from New Zealand, Stewart bear is the newest member of our Tambo Teddies family, in fact we're calling him our kiwi cousin.We were approached by Leonie from Wellington in New Zealand to see if we could make a legacy bear, similar to their family heirloom called [...]

Tambo Teddies in New Zealand

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Tambo Teddies have headed over the ditch and landed in New Zealand. Heading the charge is Tasman, our real kiwi Tambo Teddy bear decked out as an All Black. To continue to grow our business we have set our sights on expanding into overseas markets. With Alison a kiwi, New Zealand is the obvious [...]