Basil versus Toby Tambo Teddies

We often have to explain the difference between our Basil and Toby Tambo Teddy bears to our customers.

Our two Tambo Teddy families have been around for twenty-nine years but the Toby style bear was the first created.

Tobies have a flat face, wide set eyes and big ears at side of their head. Proportionally, their heads seem rather large. The first Toby, the prototype is proudly on display in the Tambo store. He is a dark cream Toby, with a very short pelt, only around 15 cm long. His ears are a light suede on the inside and woollen on the back. We are often asked if old original is for sale – and the answer is always a resounding ‘NO’. This bear is far too precious to us.

Tobies were originally made from a single coloured skin in a range of neutral tones. Their chubby physique and straight shape makes them easy to carry and cuddle.  These days we mainly make Toby bears as multi-coloured patchwork bears. The bright colours, red, orange, purples, pinks, blues and greens, create complete bundles of fun.

For the first year of the business, Tobies were the Tambo Teddies, made the same as the original bear, with the short pelt and suede ears and with a cute little stitched on mouth. The call for a more traditional looking bear spurred the development of the Basil family. Basil is a teddy bear who could easily be mistaken for Winnie the Pooh or Paddington Bear. Our Basil has a natural bear shape, a pointy nose and small tidy ears, his character shines through his bright, shiny eyes. This gorgeous bear comes in plain colours only, neutral tones of cream, honey, latte and greys as well as bright red, orange, greens and purples. There are pink bears for girls and blue bears for boys. The most popular bear in the store is most definitely a small honey Basil bear. And it is the Basil Tambo Teddy bears who are dressed as Mr StockmanMrs Stockman and our Little Aussie Ringer.

Amazingly, even though these two Tambo Teddy bear families are quite different, both styles are made from nineteen separate pieces!

Our Teddy bears are adorable, every bear is an individual and has a different look, face and character. Check out our Basil and Toby families – which is your favourite bear?