Digger the Dog

A New Farm Family Member: great to have on the land and in bed to cuddle.

We proudly present our newest farm family member — Digger the Dog. This border collie styled sheep dog is very much needed in our shop. Our Tambo Lambos get so excited when their new owners come to meet them, they can get a bit out of control, so we need Digger the Dog to muster them up.

Digger the Dog is styled after the border collie. It is an amazing dog breed and here are 5 things about this breed that will make you want to welcome one even more!

  1. The intelligent workaholic

There’s always something to do on the land. Doesn’t matter the season, the day of the week or what the weather is doing. The perfect dog to match this work environment is the border collie. They are intelligent and love to work. They can learn a remarkable numbers of words and commands and are a very welcomed companion on the job.

  1. Origin

The border collie has a Scottish background. They mostly worked around the border between England and Scotland. The word ‘Collie’ is a Scottish word for sheepdog. They put the two together and it became the border collie.

  1. The eye!

Border collies are known for using “the eye”. They stare at a particular part of the mob or flock to intimidate them and make them move / or not move as the dog wishes.

4. A Royal Favourite.

Tambo Teddies already has a good relationship with the British Royal Family, as the Queensland Government has gifted them several Tambo Teddies. What we didn’t know is that we have a shared love for the border collie breed with Queen Victoria. She had a statue made of her dearest border collie Sharp, after he passed away at the age of 15.

5. Border collie to the rescue!

Originally, the border collie is bred for herding sheep. But in addition to that, they truly excel in the search and rescue department. Their willingness to learn and to keep going until they achieve their task is a very important component of their success as a working dog or search and rescue dog.

Besides all these impressive things about the border collie, and the fact that they are great family dogs, we also love them because their looks make a cute stuffed animal!

You can meet Digger the Dog online.

If you want to give someone a great farm experience – Grab a Tambo Lambo, accompanied with Digger the Dog and they are all set with their own working mob!