Don’t feed the bears, they are already stuffed!

Don’t feed the bears, they are already stuffed! And they are stuffed with something good, not only LOVE but with recycled plastic bottles!

At Tambo Teddies it is important to work with honest and sustainable materials to create our Teddies. We stuff our Teddies with recycled milk bottles. This contributes to the re-use of the milk bottles and gives the right amount of squishiness and the firmness to the bear. Recycling makes us feel even better about the product and it is so important this day and age.

Did you know? The white milk bottles that we often buy in the supermarket are not that easy to recycle and 71.1% still may spend 500 years or more decomposing in landfills.

So why not get creative and re-use the bottles yourself! We searched the internet and came up with 6 great ideas to have some fun with this material.

  1. I know you must keep the best for last, but I’m really excited about this one. You can make your own sandwich or snack container out of milk bottles. This can be a great way to get kids excited about going back to school, especially if they can paint their own lunchbox!
  2. Having multiple of these might make life in the garden easier. Especially if you have a big garden, how sweet would it be to have a Watering Jug in every corner. No matter in which part of the garden you are, there is no having to walk back because that one watering jug is on the other side of the house!
  3. Whilst we are still in the garden, you can do even more with milk bottles. You can make Wall Planters out of it and line up all your plants or herbs.
  4. Another fun thing to do is to make Milk Jug Birdfeeders out of them. You can decorate them however you want, or you might give the children a go. This will keep them busy for a good while. You will help the birds and create a nice view for yourself.
  5. Do you want to get really creative and maybe even up your skills? Commit to making these great Milk Jug Flower lights. It will look amazing on your porch, and I promise you, it will be a conversation starter!
  6. There are endless ideas to use Milk Bottles for crafty afternoons with the kids. A few ideas are; making their own bubble wand, Go big and build a milk bottle Igloo  or start decorating the house and window with these nice little happy Milk Bottle Window Crafts.

Have you already tried one of these 6 ideas? Or do you know more ways to recycle milk bottles? We would love to know!