Tambo Teddies – Childhood Friends For Life

Do you have any childhood friends who are always there for you, have never judged you, always listened to you and give you unconditional love? A friend you have had since you were little, all your life?

Well, if you have a Tambo Teddy Bear you will!

There are a few interesting facts about why a stuffed animal, teddy bears more specifically, will be your best friend for a lifetime.

Usually, we get our first stuffed best friend in our childhood. The reason they are such popular gifts is that they have a positive developmental impact on children, a teddy bear makes a child feel protected,  helps them sleep better and can help reduce anxiety.

Teddy Bears also help children express their emotions, thoughts and worries. Children sometimes find the can ‘talk’  better  through their bear. Teddies are very cuddly and comforting, and can reduce a child’s stress and anxiety in busy lives.

Cuddling a teddy actually helps release the chemical oxytocin and makes us feel safe and loved. It doesn’t matter if you are a child or adult, our body reacts the same.

Talking to your teddy is practical therapy. When we vent about our problems or worries, our brain will process them as we speak. It can even work better than discussing it with your human friends because you’ll get influenced by their opinion. Even if it is with their best intentions, sometimes all you want is to get it out of your system.

If you had a Teddy as a child, you have been blessed with a lot of childhood memories and the adventures you had with your friend. If you still have this buddy in your adult life, that is incredibly special. It makes you reminisce about the good times in your childhood, and it will still comfort and give you a feeling of being loved. in fact,  16 percent of adults still sleep with their teddy bear? We can pump those numbers up! It’s the best to fall asleep with your fluffy buddy by your side.

If you never had a Teddy as a child, no worries. Research shows that getting a teddy as an adult still has many benefits. It makes you feel more loved, and you have something (someone) to cuddle and talk to, and the best Teddy Bears to have are Tambo Teddies (we might be a bit biased!).

In difficult times, it’s good to know that your Teddy Bear is always there for you.

Tambo Teddies – Childhood Friends for Life !