Caring for your Tambo Teddy

Your Tambo Teddy is created from the softest Australian sheepskins we can find, and we want to make sure you know how best to care for your new bear friend.
Sheepskin Tambo Teddy bears are made from wool and leather, a totally natural product that can’t be washed in a machine because the skin will pucker and shrink destroying the bear who will stiffen and lose shape.

If your bear does require cleaning, we recommend the following:
• Surface clean the woollen fleece using a wet cloth or sponge, don’t let the leather hide get wet as this would stiffen the leather once dry again.
• Use lukewarm water on a clean sponge or cloth to gently wipe any spots or stains until they disappear.
If a mark is stubborn and needs detergent:
• Use a small amount of wool detergent or soap on a cloth or sponge and gently clean.
• Rinse with clear water on a cloth or sponge to remove detergent and dirt.
• Completely dry bear by laying on a towel and patting with an extra towel to remove any excess moisture.
• Place bear in a well-ventilated place in the sun ensuring bear is completely dry.
• Don’t brush woollen fleece, just comb gently with your hands to fluff the fleece up again.

There are some big ‘do nots’ when caring for your sheepskin teddy bear including:

• Don’t wash your Tambo Teddy in a washing machine.
• Don’t submerge your Tambo Teddy in water.
• Don’t tumble dry your Tambo Teddy.
• Don’t wring or twist your Tambo Teddy, or Bickie Bear.
• Place your Tambo Teddy near or on a heater because wool and direct heat don’t mix!
• Don’t hang your Tambo Teddy on a washing line.
• Don’t use a hard brush to brush the wool.

Most important of all when caring for your Tambo Teddy bear is to love him to bits!