Thirty Years of Teddy Bears

Thiry Years of Teddy Bears

Tambo Teddies – who would have thought a little throw away idea would grow into the widely loved business it is today?

Back in 1992, the suggestion to create sheepskin teddy bears was tossed around in a workshop at the Tambo Shire Hall in Outback Queensland. Three ladies bit the bullet and took up the challenge and Tambo Teddies was born.

Teddy bears from the middle of Outback Australia– could it get any quirkier? But sometimes the most unusual ideas just take hold and gain a life of their own, and such is the Tambo Teddies story.

Well really, it’s not just the story of the business, it is the story of every bear created. Here in 2023, there has been well over 68,000 bears made, and each now has his or her own little story.

Stories belonging to bears like Jynoomah Jasper, a large camel coloured basil who was recently rescued from a Lifeline store by Tambo locals Melissa and Xanthea Iland. We don’t know how he came to be sitting alone the shelf of a second-hand store, but he now has a new chapter added to his story living life on a Tambo cattle station.

Other bears come back and visit their birthplace from time to time. Many Teds are very well travelled, jumping into a caravan each year Tambo Teddies have tripped from one side of Australia to the other. And of course, many have headed to live overseas, including a couple of bears that now reside in royal palaces in England and Denmark, and there’s a bear or two in New Zealand 😊.

When we look back over the last thirty years, and in particular the last nine years since we have owned the business, we realise something very special was created back in that town hall.

Not just a beautiful product created from sheepskin but a movement of teddy bears, and all that a teddy bear represents, love, cuddles, warmth, affection and friendship.


Tambo Teddies truly are Childhood Friends for Life.