Story Time at Tambo Teddies

Story time!

There is nothing better than cuddling up to your little one and reading a book or a bedtime story together. Spending time with one another, reading a story, and talking, brings you closer together.

Our Tambo Teddy Adventure books are the perfect stories for bedtime. Set in the heart of the outback, Basil and Toby with their friends the Stockman family  embark on a few adventures exploring different aspects of country living. Tammy and Alison wrote the stories as simple and entertaining way to talk about country life told through the eyes of a Teddy Bear.

There are four separate books and the topics include shearing, mustering, camping and a day at the rodeo. These colourful short stories are great for bedtime reading and are the perfect little gift.

Reading is so important for young children, reading a story;

1. Helps children develop language skills.

2. Develops a strong bond between parents, grandparents and children. (And a teddy bears!)

3. Helps enhance concentration and active listening skills.

4. Encourages a thirst for knowledge.

5. Stimulates children’s imaginations, letting them dream and create stories of their own.

6. Reading a story to your child entertains them (much better than an ipad!).

7. Helps children make sense of the world around them.

8. Reading improves children’s overall confidence.

9. Story books make great conversation starters.

10. Reading is fun!

Our Tambo Teddies story books will keep your children captivated.

Megan called into the Tambo Teddy store the other day and found our little chair the perfect place to pull up and read a story to Ted.  Selecting ‘Buck ‘Em Ted’, from the four titles available she enjoyed a little quiet time with a teddy bear. There is nothing better than seeing a child who loves to read, well maybe seeing a child enjoying reading to her Teddy Bear

Reading help develops a child’s imagination and creativity, reading is entertaining and helps create a bond between a child and her bear.

You can order Tambo Teddy Adventures as a set or as individual titles.

story time