Tambo Lambo

Tambo Teddies little lamb
Its fleece is white as snow
Pretty ears and so soft to cuddle
Tambo Lambo is the one to know.

Tambo Teddies little lamb
Is such a cute little fellow
White, curly and very woolly
Get your Tambo Lambo tomorrow.

Our new little woolly friend is a little lamb called Tambo Lambo. The pattern for Lambo was sitting in the back of the cupboard and when the COVID-19 virus struck we dug it out. As we faced delays in supplies of our sheepskins we decided it was time for something new! Well, renewed anyway. We are uncertain how many Tambo Teddy lambs were made, but they weren’t on the product list when we took over.

We had purchased a roll of wool fabric called sliver-knit a while back. Sliver-knit fabric has the base fabric knitted from a fibrillated backing yarn. The pile is formed from sliver fibres of wool knitted into the base fabric to project on one side of the base fabric. Very much like a wool-rest sleeper made for beds.

Our intentions for the sliver-knit were to make our little Tom Thumbs from this easier to sew fabric. However, when we created a little bear, it really didn’t stack up well against the bear made from sheepskin. So we had this roll of white, curly woollen fabric and a pattern for a lamb – what a great match!

Liz made the prototype and we all oohed and aahed over it, so cute. A friend visited and suggested a little pretty fabric for the ears. And we had our lovely new friend, Tambo Lambo.

What a perfect new product for Tambo Teddies. We love sheep and wool, so nothing could be better than a little woolly sheep. Another roll of fabric purchased and we had production. Tambo Lambo created in both Tambo and Toowoomba.

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