We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

We’re going on a bear hunt! Amidst all the craziness of the COVID-19 pandemic a beautiful movement was spreading across the world.

Heading towards a lockdown situation we were encouraged to self-isolate and socially distance ourselves, but teddy bears were making their mark. Socially distant bear hunts popped up all around the world to distract children (and adults) from the viral pandemic.

What is a bear hunt?

It began in Wichita, or maybe Philadelphia, no one is quite sure. But one thing is certain — teddy bears popped up in gardens, windows and on fences around the globe. Creating some social-distancing magic for children during the coronavirus pandemic.

So many Australian children know and love the book “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”. This tale was quickly turned into a game! Communities were encouraged to put a teddy in a window for children to spot on their neighbourhood walks or drives. Teddies in windows bought some much-needed smiles in what was (and continues to be) a very difficult time for many ♥️.

When restrictions dictate you are allowed to go for walks outdoors to gain much needed exercise, a trek around local streets can bring much joy. Even a drive around your neighbourhood on a bear hunt can be fun.

Bear hunts create a sense of safety in the community. Teddy bears connect the community in a safe and secure way. With all the panic buying and ridiculousness that occurs, a bear hunt is a positive community activity, a sign that people can look out for each other.

When New Zealand went into a lockdown early in 2020, Alison put the call out to her family members and friends to get involved and pop their Tambo Teddies in the window. Her daughter, Fiona lives with her Tambo Teddy, Gartmore Gus, in Wellington. Fi sent through photos of Gus squashed up against the window prompting Alison to comment, ‘he looks like he wants to escape’.

Fi quipped back, ‘As do we all!’

Through the trying times we all need to do what we can to create a little happiness for others. Why not pop your Tambo Teddy in your window and share a little joy!

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Let’s create an online Bear Hunt to share!