Naming Tambo Teddy Bears

All the Basil and Toby Tambo Teddy Bears  are given an individual name and unique identification number. We have a rather unique naming convention for both the Basil and Toby Tambo Teddies. Our bears, their owners and their new ‘homes’ are all recorded in a digital data base. So if you ever happen to forget your new best friend’s name, we can look it up and send you a new tag.

Our bears are all named after local Tambo Properties alliterated with a Christian name. We do name some  teddy bears after other properties, or with a selected name in response to special requests.

Tambo is a small region, the 2006 census recorded a population of 345. The town was settled in 1863, making it the oldest town in western Queensland. Like much of the west, sheep became the mainstay of the economy. The town takes its name from an aboriginal word, meaning “hidden place”, or, “resting place, fish, shady waters, hidden waters, a secluded spot, hidden place and native yam.”

There are about 70 rural properties or stations in the Tambo district, running both sheep and cattle. There are some really interesting station names that all make great names for teddy bears including; Atlam, Lisnalee, Yandarlo, Tarabah, Toolmaree and Cheero Downs, to name just a few.

Tambo Teddies staff look carefully at every bear to select a name that suits. Every bear receives a tag that records their name in a beautifully written poem:

I am a Tambo Teddy
……………………………is my name
A station name is added
To boost my claim to fame!

Tambo is my birthplace,
A tiny town out west,
Miles and miles from anywhere,
Older than the rest.

I’m soft and warm and cuddly,
Pure wool, through and through,
So pick me up and take me home,
They made me just for you.