Our beautiful Tambo Teddy Bears are made from 100% New Zealand and Australian wool and what a wonderful fibre it is!

Wool is a totally natural and organic fibre that grows on sheep, a bit like hair and when it is cut (shorn) it grows back- a sheep is an obligatory woolgrower. This fabulous fibre is a very environmentally friendly fibre that is soft, lustrous and by just eating grass and drinking water sheep can produce a fibre that no scientist can reproduce.

Wool is a truly magical fibre that has some very unique characteristics; it can absorb up to 70% its own weight in water and because of this ability to absorb moisture it is relatively free from static electrical charges. Woollen fibres also act as an amazing insulator able to keep the wearer warm in winter and cool in summer. Unlike synthetic fibres, and because it is a natural fibre, it has the ability to breathe, providing the wearer with a higher level of comfort.

The light colour of the fibre and it’s porous nature means the fibre is easily dyed in an even manner. Wool can be dyed a wide range of colours from the lightest pastel shades to the deepest dark colours like chocolate and black.

Woollen products made from sheepskin, like Tambo Teddy bears, have many benefits for the purchaser. Woollen products are non-flammable, wool doesn’t burn making a safe product especially for the very young.

Wool is also non-allergenic making it perfect for asthma sufferers, hay fever suffers and a range of other allergies.  Wool products are soft, comfortable and naturally soothing.

Wool comforts us. Wool soothes us. It’s soft. It’s cosy. It is comfortable. Which makes it a product of choice for new born babies, little children and anyone who loves a teddy bear to cuddle.

At Tambo Teddies we use the finest and softest New Zealand and Australian sheepskins to create our woollen teddy bears, we try to have the widest range of colour choice and use the softest handling skins available.